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The Gap (o.l.v. coach Evert)

Dua Lipa - New Rules
Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling

Mixed Up (o.l.v. coach Berry) 

After The Silence (o.l.v. coach Berry)

Urban (o.l.v. coach Sergio)

DEI (o.l.v. coach Evert)

She's Electric - Oasis
Fleedwood Mac - You Can Go Your Own Way
Santogold - Say Aha
Field Music - Count It Up
Humble Braggers  - Heart
The Mysterons - Sold My Medicine
Royal Blood – Lights Out
Foo Fighters - Rope
The Police - Bring On The Night
Royal Blood - Where Are you Now?
Queen - Breakthru
Snow Patrol - Shut Your Eyes

Broken Bones (o.l.v. coach Sergio)

The Other Ones (o.l.v. coach Evert)

Gorillaz - 5/4
Black Keys - Tighten Up
Welshly Arms - Never Meant To Be
Led Zeppelin - Black Dog

New Generation (o.l.v. Berry)



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